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Watch the video below for two informal conversations with artists, Connie Geerts and Pam Weber, in their own studios. Learn what inspires their art and expression.

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In this video of a fabulous event, we celebrate beloved poetry and art from Persia. Rumi and Hafiz, both Persian poets from the 13th and 14th centuries, are revered in Iran to this day, and still have a strong influence on many western artists.

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Moving Surface, Rich Rawlyk’s first solo show, illustrates his exploration and reaction to place and land. Examining our impact on each other, the act of observing and documenting has become a meditation that enables Rich to better understand the landscapes he is a part of. Rich’s graphic design background informs...

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I love hearing the excited chatter of friends who have travelled together - sometimes from Calgary (a relatively short drive) and sometimes for many days - as the burst through the doors of the gallery!  It’s been a year, sometimes longer, since they were here last, and they can’t wait...

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  What an awesome example of fine craft!  This wood bowl, shaped and turned by Jim Osenton of Calgary, AB, is made of Wolf Willow branches, cross cut and held together by epoxy and sawdust. Wolf Willow is blooming all over southern Alberta right now – the musky aroma permeates...

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