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I know what it’s like

I love hearing the excited chatter of friends who have travelled together - sometimes from Calgary (a relatively short drive) and sometimes for many days - as the burst through the doors of the gallery!  It’s been a year, sometimes longer, since they were here last, and they can’t wait to see what they’ll find today!  They are often filled with the joyful anticipation of a long drink of beauty, and have been looking forward to this visit since the last time they were here.

Perhaps they will find something that they - need - can afford/justify/reasonably put on their credit card - can fit in their bag/suitcase/house - can treat themselves/their child/their beloved/their elderly parent/their grandchild…  

Mostly, though, they are going to just completely enjoy immersing themselves in this ethos, this collection of handmade beautiful things.  No thinking required.  No justification or explanation necessary.  Every thing they pick up or hold in their regard is a flight into the fantasy land of “how did the artist do THIS?”  "There is so much creativity in this world!“ they exclaim.  YES! We joyfully respond!

And these dear ones can spend as long as they like, browsing, reading, studying, appreciating, musing with each other about what speaks to them.

It’s the sound of resonance.  And it’s a sweet music.  Often heard in the gallery we call Bluerock (or Blue Rock), and we love to harmonize with these notes of joy and gratitude.  I am in awe, and am so thankful for the blessed opportunity to be at this point of convergence where the maker, the objects that have been so lovingly made, and the appreciator,  meet and come together.

I remember with great fondness many particular road trips made up and down coasts, and through mountains, and along rivers and valleys all over this world.  And always, the galleries of local artists were my favourite stops.  Sometimes the same gallery over many years, or even decades.  It’s like visiting an old, close friend you haven’t seen in a while, and finding out what’s new.  

Thank you for stopping in.  Already looking forward to seeing you next time you’re here!

July 24, 2015 art artists Bluerock Gallery gratitude

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