Gestural Drawing with Dirk van Wyk

July 24, 2015

Join us in the Living Room for a class on Gestural Drawing with Dirk van Wyk.  Sunday, April 26, 11 am – 5 pm

Gesture drawing recognizes and emphasizes the vitality of the subject. Gestural drawing does the same but for the drawing, no matter what the subject. So we work on both in as many media as possible but on paper (cheap) because we work quickly to build this new and individual language.  We will have live models (clothed) for this workshop.

Bring a lot of cheap paper of comfortable size and some basic media, dry and wet. Nothing fancy and no colours.

$125 for the day.  Maximum 15 participants.  Register online here,  call 403-933-5047, or visit the gallery in person

To see more of Dirk’s work, visit his website

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