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community through art.

Inspiration is a multifaceted organism, and so to create based on a lifetime of diverse experiences results in a richness that is superb. 

Karen Christensen has much to draw from in the artistic realm.  As a musician and gardener, her perspective...

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Making art is a personal endeavour, and when an artist works hard to put themselves into their work from more angles than one, the results can be connecting.

Frances Vettergreen is more than just a painter, she is a woman of...

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Adaptability is a doorway to creativity, and to open one’s mind to the possibility of creating art is best done when fear is left at the door.

That is what Lorraine Whellams does when she approaches her canvases. She does so with a tenacity...

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I've been reflecting, again, on the waves of beautiful things flowing in and out of Bluerock Gallery that I feel privileged to be witnessing.  The flow of beauty is especially intense during these days of holiday shopping, PopUp Markets, and much gift-giving.


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Enter into a conversation with art and enhance your ability to see more deeply into yourself, others, and the world around you.

We are very pleased to have been found by a couple of intrepid travellers, Sue and Dave Slaght who write about their adventures!  There's a first time for everyone!

Read the full article here, and come visit us soon!

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In response to the times, we are conserving energy by being closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays through May 2016.  Starting June 1 we will open every day of the week again, from 10 - 6 every day, and open for late shopping and Art Night on Thursdays until 9pm.  


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We will be closed on Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday for three consecutive weeks for rest, repairs, deep-cleaning, and rejuvenation.

Our next planned art/community event is another celebration of love on Saturday, February 13th - watch for more details coming soon!

We apologize for any inconvenience!



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So - because I've been asked this question a lot this past week, I offer you a list of some of my favourite art that is in the gallery right now!  This list is not ranked - the order is random.  

And of course this is a partial list - as,...

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We think Bluerock Gallery is the BEST place to buy your Christmas gifts! (Shop ONLINE any time of day!)

In fact we’re so sure it’s the best that we think, together, we can come up with 100 reasons (or more!) that shopping...

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