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community through art.

Art Church | July 16, 2017 | Justina Smith, Bobbi Dunlop, Dirk van Wyk

Bluerock Gallery cordially invites its friends and neighbours over for a new event this Sunday, July 16th.

Heaven is a distance, not a place
by Justina Smith

 Art Church is a once-a-month opportunity for artists and the general public to engage with one another. Each month, artists will be in the gallery from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, demonstrating their craft, talking with visitors and each other, and/or being available to talk about their (and others’) work in a casual but focused way. Multimedia artist Dirk van Wyk will lead a short discussion, scheduled to start around 11:00 am, with one or more of the artists, in which anyone present will have the chance to ask questions and to offer their own response to the work of the featured artists, or any other work in the gallery.

This week we’ll be joined by Justina Smith and Bobbi Dunlop. Dirk van Wyk will also be bringing a new body of work to show and to talk about.

Art Church is intended to be a casual, lively, relatively unstructured, come-as-you-are, come-and-go gathering, with opportunity – but no obligation – for participation and engagement. Coffee, tea and home-baked goodies will be served.

Why ‘church?’ you may well ask.

Good question. There are a few reasons.

We wanted this monthly event to represent a spirit of community, friendship, and a commonality; to open a conversation between our visitors and our artists; and to be a regular, welcoming, community-based happening to meet and converse with others who share a love for art, whether they create it themselves or not.

Lastly, perhaps most importantly, there wasn’t another word we could think of that better expresses the certainty that we need art to live fully, joyfully and meaningfully. Or that particular reverence for the artwork which speaks to your deepest self so profoundly that it touches your soul.

We will be open to the public from 10-6, as always! If you prefer to come just to shop for a gift, or float around in the gallery, please do.

July 09, 2017