Justina is a self-taught artist based in rural Alberta. Her creative beginnings stem from a fascination with drawing buildings and textiles at an early age. This fascination morphed into an involvement with theater; designing, building and painting sets and props. She liked working on a variety of surfaces, learning how to make marks with a wide range of implements. From set painting she went into painting in acrylic on canvas, encompassing other media into her paintings such as papers, gel mediums and acrylic inks, to achieve an interesting array of textures and detail. She also paints in watercolor and oil.

The subject matter of her paintings and drawings varies widely. She paints landscapes, buildings and portraits of animals and people. The style of her work also varies widely, from representational mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas and wood panel, to graphic and abstract illustrations on paper with watercolor, pen and other dry media, to impressionistic plein air sketches in oil on masonite panels. She is also an inveterate sketch journal keeper whether at home or while traveling.

Her work focuses on the use of a variety of media to enhance the texture, movement and focal interest of her paintings and illustrations. She lives and works in the small town of Vermilion, Alberta in her basement studio.