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Beginning Knit Class with Laurie Bullock | 1–4pm for Six Saturdays, October 3rd – November 7th

This class is designed to meet the expectations and needs of a rank beginner; that if you have never picked up a pair of knitting needles or if you learned ages ago, “when I was 5 years old”. The class is designed to move along through the basics and onto a project that uses the basics skills acquired in the first 2-3 lessons.

Maximum 10 participants, $250 per person. Beginning supply kit included.
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Two stitches, knit and purl, make up the foundation for all knitting. All the intricate patterns you may have seen and admired are created using these two stitches. To start with, you will learn how to interpret the information on the ball band on a ball of yarn, how to hold your knitting needles and Cast on stitches, the knit stitch; and how to Cast-off.  Then we will add in the purl stitch.


With the knit and purl stitches mastered, your knitting will begin to look more familiar and with a distinct right and wrong side.


Still, with just two stitches, knit and purl, you can create a textured pattern called the Seed Stitch, which looks the same on both sides. All the while, as we make these small squares we will continue to review the techniques learned in the very first class: Cast-on, Cast-off, knit, and purl. We will add to this the concept of tension and how to control it.

The Basket Weave stitch is another stitch that looks the same front and back. With this one you will be introduced to the concept of pattern reading.

Knitting with two colours and slip stitches are next and will get you familiar with the pattern stitch used to make the Buttonhole Bag.

Your first Project is the Buttonhole Bag that you can then use to carry around future projects. It incorporates all the techniques and skills that you have developed knitting your squares. If I have done my job well and you have done lots of practicing, at this point you should be launched into the world of knitting.

"I do ask that students come prepared to practice a fair amount between classes so as to be ready to learn the new techniques presented in each class. In return for their dedication, I offer them: 40 years of knitting experience, infinite patience, a good sense of humor, and the teaching skill to accommodate the three forms of learning styles (auditory, visual, and kinesthetic). Knitting is my passion and my therapy and I embrace all opportunities to share it with others through teaching." 

- Laurie Bullock, Fibre Artist


September 14, 2015 class fibre art knitting