Send Noods: 50 Amazing Noodle Recipes That You Want Right Now

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Get the noods you really want!

Things are looking hot. Chloe Godot's Send Noods is a cleverly tantalizing book of 50 noodle recipes that will never fail to whet your appetite. When your actual DMs are just too cringeworthy and you’d rather have a bowl of ramen to keep you warm at night, turn to the cookbook that really satisfies.

Each chapter is organized to help you find your perfect match, from Chapter One: The Little Black Book of Basics, which steers you toward every good ol’ base sauce and broth you’ll ever need, to Chapter Two: Heart Warmers, that always deliver on their comfort-food promises, to Chapter Five: The Hotties, that leave you hungry for more. Go ahead and ogle the piping-hot illustrations of your deepest cravings, including:

- F*&#boy Fettuccini
- Red Flag Red Sauce
- Looking Fresh Pesto
- How You Doin’ Homemade Italian Sausage
- U Up? Udon
- Sex Is Cool, But Have You Tried My Pho?
- Swipe Right Ramen
- Slide into My DMs Strozzapreti
- Mack on This Mac ‘n’ Cheese
- Dreamboat Arrabiata

Complete with Alice Potter's playful illustrations and explicit instructions that make each recipe’s intentions known, Send Noods is the book of hot dishes that will satisfy epicureans in ways unsolicited DMs just never could.