2 Feature Artists September 28 - 30 | Neshka + Jan Francis (Elgar)

Works by Neshka, Ink on paper and Charred Wood Sculptures

Reception with both artists present | 3 - 6pm, Saturday, September 29 

Neshka: Ink on Paper and Charred Wood Sculpture

Jan Francis (Elgar): "Points of Entry" paintings

We are honoured to present Neshka's Ink on Paper and Charred Wood Sculptures - a debut for her to show these pieces that are different from her much loved jewelry line that features silver and amber.   

And Jan Francis (formerly Elgar) is also making a debut with her painting series "Points of Entry."

Both artists are bringing to the gallery never before seen works - taking a risk and putting works out there that reveal their inner worlds.  Neshka warms up before heading to her bench to make her beloved jewellery by making bold, vigorous and energetic ink drawings - on the floor of her studio near Millarville, AB.  And Jan paints almost every day, following her intuitive promptings to create images that convey much inner movement in acrylic paint on canvas. 

We hope you will stop by on Saturday to say hello to Neshka and Jan - and take in these wonderful art works created by two courageous and creative artists!


Gratitude, by Jan Francis