Jan Francis (Elgar)

Jan Francis (Elgar)
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Growing up in Windsor, England, Jan Francis (formerly Jan Elgar) graduated from London University with a degree in Fine Art and spent the next 15 years teaching in the London area.

Painting from an early age, Jan always felt connected to and profoundly resonant with colour and its vibration around emotional energy.

This became and continues to be the theme and focus of her artistic journey.

 Moving to Malaysia in the early 90’s exposed Jan to a cultural richness which both inspired and expanded her senses and understanding of the world.

An awakening and fresh seeing of life and its vivid movement and colourful shifts, led her into a deeper awareness of the mind, body, spirit connection.

 In the last few years, Jan has divided her time between Vancouver and a ranch in the foothills of Alberta.

It has been a time of change, acceptance and inspired creativity, where these homes have provided sanctuaries of healing where Jan intuitively meets and expresses the energies that are present.


Artist Statement

Through deeply felt layers of colour I unfold, unveil and explore hidden joys and traumas.

 My intention is to reveal the inner Light and the spark that guides and connects us to each other.

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