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Art Flows: Reflections on the waves of creativity and artists' lives

I've been reflecting, again, on the waves of beautiful things flowing in and out of Bluerock Gallery that I feel privileged to be witnessing.  The flow of beauty is especially intense during these days of holiday shopping, PopUp Markets, and much gift-giving.

Often enough someone falls in love with a beautiful painting or an awesome mug, and they come back to buy it, only to discover that it has already been sold.  This usually leads to one or another version of this conversation: "When you see something you love, and you feel that tug of the heart - listen to it!  And if it works to go for it right then (budget and space wise) then you know you're blessed!  If you do come back for it and it's gone already, that is a lesson in listening to your heart, and you will remember it the next time you feel that "falling in love" with a piece, and as much as is reasonable, you will likely act more boldly next time."  

And then we often do talk about how there are some things we might never see again from that artist.  In our world of "one-of-a-kinds" this should not be a surprise!  However, this is often forgotten, especially in the world of pottery and other art and craft forms, where there sometimes is a "pattern" or more "production" work.  Take mugs, for example.  Even here, where a potter makes the same style mug for years and years, no two mugs are exactly alike.  And even though they might be similar, over the years, the pattern might change, subtly or dramatically.  Painters regularly go through changes in style as their own voice becomes more and more clear.  They might be painting landscapes for years, and then switch to figurative work.  Or they might all of a sudden be inspired to create sculptures, and not paint any more.  (All of these are real examples!)

Also - and I've mentioned this before - artist's lives go through changes.  In the relatively short amount of time (we're in our 7th year) I've had to observe, we've had artists who have become seriously ill, who have passed away, who have moved away, or who have simply stopped making their art, or moved on to other media or life chapters.  All of these changes impact, of course, the flow of their art through the gallery.  And when the art they have been making stops for any reason, there is no other maker like them, and so that line has now ended (in the case of death), or stopped for a while (in the case of other life changes) with no guarantee of seeing them resume making that work again.

And so it is, at this time of year especially, when I hold a beautiful mug in my hands, admire a new painting or a piece of handmade jewelry, I feel the energy of the maker, and I am in awe at the flow of inspiration.   From ideas in an artist's mind, through their skill and talent applied in the material realm, to our little gallery, and then to your homes.  It is a great river flowing - the river of life -  and the flow doesn't stop, but the individuals creating are shifting and changing constantly, and the end results are always changing... 


(click on each of these images to see more work by these artists)

December 11, 2016

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December 11, 2016

Beautifully written piece Karen, connecting the Source of inspiration to the flow of life. Truly it’s all in the unknown and when or whether the flow either stops orr is diverted elsewhere.
Yes! Be here now and listen to the heart ?

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