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The Joy of Missing Out.......on the Mall! Visit Bluerock Gallery!

We think Bluerock Gallery is the BEST place to buy your Christmas gifts! (Shop ONLINE any time of day!)

In fact we’re so sure it’s the best that we think, together, we can come up with 100 reasons (or more!) that shopping at Bluerock Gallery is better than shopping at the mall.

We’ve compiled just a few of the many (MANY) ways shopping at Bluerock Gallery is a joy....It’s The Joy Of Missing Out On The Mall!

Give us your reasons by listing them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.  WE may borrow some of your comments to add to the Testimonials section of our new website.  

Come on! How many can you come up with?

1. Local!

Almost everything we carry is made by local people.  Your purchase directly supports the people in your community.  The money you spend allows them to continue making their beautiful pieces.  Make your dollars count! Keep them in your community where they do the most good

2. Hand-made!

The majority of our beautiful items have been crafted with love by HAND! In an age where technology is taking over our lives and most consumer goods are mass produced in factories it is vital to support the skills and knowledge of crafts people.  The quality of hand-made items is superior so you and your family will enjoy your finely-crafted piece for years (or in some cases, generations!) to come.

Shop ONLINE any time of day!  

3. One-of-a-kind!

No two hand-made items are ever alike.  Each piece bears the unique marks of the maker working at that moment!

4. Unique!

At Bluerock Gallery we pride ourselves on the diversity of the one-of-a-kind pieces we sell.  From books to jewelry, from paintings to pottery, from fibre art pieces to cards, each and every piece is hand-chosen for its beauty, its message and its unique charm.  Don’t give a generic gift this year! At Bluerock Gallery you will find meaningful gifts for everyone on your list, even the toughest to buy for.

5. Selection!

We often hear from our patrons that we have the best selection of fine art and craft in Alberta.  We agree! We carry a wide range of paintings, sculpture, fibre art, jewelry, pottery, books, cards and MORE.  What draws our collection together is the exceptional quality of every piece we carry.

Shop ONLINE any time of day!  

6. Passion!

We LOVE what we do.  We are passionate about bringing the best of fine art and craft to our community.  And we are passionate about supporting our local artists.

7. Knowledgable, friendly, caring staff!

We are more than happy to help answer questions or to pick the just-right gift for someone special.  Think of us as your personal shopper! And we love to share information on what makes each and every item in our shop special and local.

8. Inspiration!

A visit to Bluerock Gallery is sure to be a source of inspiration and a few moments of beauty in your day! Feed your soul with the beauty at Bluerock Gallery!


9. Complimentary gift wrapping!

We wrap gifts year round and our beautiful packages are known to elicit “oooh”s of appreciation from our customers! We love to make gift giving easy.  You can check off all your christmas gifts at Bluerock Gallery AND have the wrapping done for you.

10. Free and easy parking!

You have better things to do with your time than to be stuck in a parking lot traffic jam.  We have abundant parking directly in front of the gallery or a short walk away (see our map!).  And we’d be more than happy to help carry your packages out to your car.

11. Community!

Bluerock Gallery prides itself on being an active member of the community.  We provide support to local, non-profit fundraising efforts and are an active voice in helping to make our community a better place to live.

12. Online Store

Shop the best of Alberta fine art and craft anywhere, anytime!  Shop ONLINE any time of day!  

13. Free Shipping in Canada on orders $100 or more

We make it easy to send a little piece of Alberta to family and friends across the country!  Shop ONLINE any time of day!  

14. Art Night - Late Shopping on Thursdays

Every Thursday evening we're open until 9pm for late night shopping, and we also welcome any and all artists who bring their own projects and work together in the gallery!  Collaborating to create community through Art!     

15. Art Classes

The occasional art class - in the gallery - makes for a very inspiring place to learn!  And with our connections to the many regional artists who also teach, we have an eclectic offering of classes! 

16. Great Music! Top 40 pop not your thing? Don’t worry, it’s not ours either!


Our  book section is specially curated by our book-loving staff.  We specialize in local authors, local stories, unique, impactful books.  If you’re a book lover (or someone on your Christmas list is) we will have something special for you.

18. Secret Shopping

Wink wink - nudge nudge!  We take our clue from you when you want to make a stealth purchase!  We can keep your purchase a secret even from the person you're shopping with!  We do this all the time, and are very good at reading all kinds of signals and effecting the stealth purchase! 

19. Tea

Want some - just ask!  Or we might offer it to you while you're shopping!  Some days we have it on offer in the gallery, along with treats from the Black Diamond Bakery or the Tea Shoppe - two of our local businesses! 

20. Coat Closet

If you're wearing a heavy coat, we've got a spacious closet in our Living Room for you to hang it and enjoy the gallery without lugging it around!  

21. History

Our building is over 90+ years old.  Some of our customers have fond memories of when it was Woo’s General Store.  We love that!

22. Local information!

We’re the “unofficial tourist information office!” and we’re always happy to provide information or answer questions about our area.  We can (sometimes) even provide free maps to local points of interest.

23. Voice!

Bluerock Gallery gives our local artists a place to share their unique vision and message. We are so honoured to be representing them in the gallery!


Shop ONLINE any time of day!  



November 28, 2015

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November 29, 2015

I’d like to add:
- Integrity. The staff treats their artists and shoppers with the same purity of thoughts, honesty, altruism and consideration of interests. Where else do you find a store with such integrity?
- Low footprint: buying from local artists is known to limit our environmental footprints. No heavy cargo is transported over sea and no waste is dumped or nature harmed in the making of art.
- Global honesty: supporting local artists is always better than buying in large chains where products are made by people in poor countries, with low incomes and unfair working conditions.
- Socializing: I always meet people I know here. Since they seem to frequent the gallery, they know about the art or artists, have interesting conversations about art pieces and are excited to show me their favourite pieces.
- Feel the love!

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