Wisdom River: Meditations on Fly Fishing and Life Midstream

Alpine Books


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Wisdom River: Meditations on Flyfishing and Life Midstream is a collection of stories, essays, poetry, photos, art and recipes that celebrate the wonders of fly fishing and the wisdom that can be gained from spending time on the river. Contributors from Alberta, Montana, and Nova Scotia each bring a unique perspective and voice as they share adventures and memories from times they have spent riverside and midstream. Story authors include Jim McClennan, Larry Kapustka, Kaitlyn Okrusch, Jerry Kustich, Rayelynn Brandl, Greg Allard, Pat Munday, Kayla Lappin, Paul Vang, David McCumber, Kelly John Dick, John McKee; and Chris Pibus. Poets are Doris Daley, Al “Doc” Mehl and Larry Kapustka. Artists and Photographers are Rich Théroux, Tyler Rock, Mike Forbisher and Tim Foster.

Royalty donations from the book go to the Oldman River and the Clark Fork Watershed Conservation Councils.