Water Marks

Jim McLennan


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Throughout this collection are the reasons why Jim McLennan became a prominent voice for a fly-angling generation: his deep understanding of key issues, unsurpassed knowledge of fishing techniques, humble realization of an angler's limitations and passion for his pastime. He takes interested fly fishermen along with him as he chases answers to fly-fishing questions. He doesn't always find what he's looking for, but he always finds somehting. In his approach to fly fishing, McLennan is scientific yet he maintains the mystical and poetic nature that is so often associated with casting a fly to a rising trout. His writing voice is fluid, transparent, confident, intelligent and humble. To know him on the page is to experience a day with him on the water. Take the time to read through McLennan's best articles from the past thirty years and drift the Bow with him as he casts Blue-winged Olives and Pale Morning Duns to oversized rainbows. Walk the banks with him as he shares his surprising thoughts on catch-and-release and the importance of an angling off-season. Live a fly-fishing dream with him as he goes sight fishing for massive browns in New Zealand with a guide who has forsaken all to pursue a less complicated life. After reading through the book you will become a more knowledgeable fly angler, and you will undoubtedly need to create a little extra space on your bookshelf amongst the fly-angling classics. Water Marks is fly-fishing literature at its best.