There Are More Things In Heaven & Earth

David Barnes


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Ceramic sculpture. Approx. 22.5" long x 11.5" wide x 23" tall.

The Existence of Homo Sapiens dates back a mere 300,000 years, with evidence of what we consider civilized cultures existing 150,000 years ago, creating art, religious belief systems and organized society. By contrast, science estimates the earth to be about 4.54 billion years old. 

Always, humans have gone to war with one another because of different values and belief systems. Today we are also now constantly bombarded with news and information about countries disputing land ownership, rites to sacred places based on religions that have existed for only 2000 years or less. Countries laying claim to other countries, power struggles instigated purely in the name of greed.

In the very near future there may be nothing to fight or dispute over. Are we all missing the big picture? Do we not need to appreciate our place in the evolution of our species, the value of what we have here and our potential connection to greater forces in the universe?

I hope that the work will create a contemplative response to what is here and what maybe beyond.