The Book of Change

Alpine Books


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A better world is within our grasp, let art show you the way.

A collection of radically beautiful and provocative images from one of the world's most-followed and best-loved digital curators Stephen Ellcock. The Book of Change is designed to provoke reflection, revelation and action, an indispensable treasury of visual tools that will aid, promote and inspire personal and political transformations. This new collection of extraordinary images is structured as a journey beginning with mankind's origins. Our path is marked by words and images reflecting our talent both for creativity and conflict. Ultimately Stephen Ellcock leads the reader to the current, turbulent point in time. A time of global unrest, inequality and—yet—potential for change. Ellcock draws on both well-known and entirely unknown artists, Renaissance paintings, counter-cultural iconography, occult and esoteric imagery, documentary photography and traditional and contemporary art, craft and design from every continent and cultural tradition. This is an eye-opening, mind-blowing awakening to the vast shared potential and creative energy of mankind.