Summer Palette - S

Stoneground Paint Co.


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This palette is a wonderful choice for a collection of bright colours with a broad range of uses from abstract work, to landscapes, botanicals, wildlife, and more.

Artist Notes: Combine Hansa Yellow and Phthalo Green Blue Shade to create vibrant tropical greens, or add Manganese Violet to Hansa Yellow in order to create warm brown tones perfect for late summer landscapes. Cobalt Aquamarine pairs beautifully with Phthalo Green and Hansa Yellow to create a range of cool colours from turquoise green through lime. Mix Marigold Orange with Hansa Yellow combine to create peach tones perfect for florals, or blend Manganese and Scarlet for dusty violets that are perfect for sunsets.

Stoneground’s Summer Palette Contains: Hansa Yellow (PY 74), Marigold Orange (PO 34), Pyrrole Red (PR 254), Manganese Violet (PV 16), Cobalt Aquamarine (PB 36), Phthalo Green Blue Shade (PG 7)