Spring Palette - S

Stoneground Paint Co.


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Stoneground’s Spring Palette is a collection of colour perfect for a variety of subject matter including sunny landscapes, brilliant florals, elegant botanicals and cheerful still life paintings.

Artist’s Notes: Mix Titanium Buff, Cerulean Blue, and Phthalo Green Yellow Shade for a variety of vivid spring greens. Quinacridone Red and Nickel Titanium Yellow create a range of oranges perfect for botanicals and florals. Use Burnt Sienna Crimson to add shadows into greens and for added warmth, or combine it with Nickel Titanium Yellow for a pretty colour reminiscent of the original Naples Yellow.

Palette Contains: Nickel Titanium Yellow (PY 53), Burnt Sienna Crimson (PBr 7), Quinacridone Red (PR 122), Cerulean Blue (PB 35), Phthalo Green Yellow Shade (PG 36), Titanium Buff (PW 6:1)