Reimagining Fire: The Future of Energy

Alpine Books


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In this book, environmentally conscious writers, poets, and artists exert their opinions about energy transition. How can we envision the future? What actual options are already there? How should society adapt? Is this an opportunity for change regarding equity and reconciliation? What are problems and challenges? What are the cultural changes? To envision and be inspired, Eveline Kolijn, editor and curator of the project, connected the artists and writers with a network of experts,thinkers, and influencers from the Canadian Energy Futures Lab, together with members from towns, rural communities, and First Nations. The covered topic is universally shared around the world. Alberta is Canada’s oil province and serves as a microcosm of all the challenges and opportunities that the world faces in decarbonizing society, with its current energy needs and consumer lifestyles, a fact which makes the Alberta Story a Global Story. To reflect the theme of the book on its manufacture, the paper, binding, and inks used will be from sustainable and compostable sources and have a low carbon impact.

Writers and Poets are: Emma Gammans, Rosemary Griebel, Maggie Hanna, Richard Harrison, Mark Hopkins, Barb Howard, Larry Kapustka, Shannon Kernaghan, Alexis Kienlen, Monica Kidd, Michael Leeb, Kathryn Gwun-Yeen Lennon, Alice Major, Kim Mannix, Natalie Meisner, Mar’ce Merrell, Peter Midgley, Uchechukwu Peter Umezurike, Donna Williams.

Artists are: Sylvia Arthur, Kate Baillies, Carole Bondaroff, Katie Bruce, Hannah Gelderman, Jamie-Lee Girodat, Jill Ho-You, Jaqueline Huskisson, Liz Ingram, Mary Kavanagh, Eveline Kolijn, Kasia Koralewska, Tara Manyfingers, Nadia Perna, Stan Phelps, Jessica Semenoff, Jared Tailfeathers, Alex Thompson, Heather Urness.