Puzzle - Urban Treehouse



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Full Title: Urban Treehouse (Kleinburg + New York)
Artist: Amy Shackleton (2019 © Visual Arts - CARCC)
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard
: 30.5 cm x 41 cm
Piece Count: 464
Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Rather than conventional paintbrushes, Amy Shackleton uses squeeze bottles and gravity as her primary tools for creation. Liquid paint is dripped, poured and layered as the canvas is rotated to navigate. The architectural aspects are highly controlled while the natural elements embody the spontaneous liquid impulse. Shackleton’s work wrestles with these opposing forces, just as her own optimism wrestles with our shared space in the urban and natural worlds. 

Through an optimistic lens, she creates unique urban landscape paintings that combine multiple locations into a single composition. 'Urban Treehouse' combines the deeply rooted natural landscapes of Kleinburg's cottage country in southern Ontario with the glass, cement and steel skyscrapers of New York City.

Made in Calgary, Canada.