Puzzle - Birds & Bees


W-STMP-Birds & Bees

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Artist: Pam Weber
Puzzle Designer: Jasen Robillard
: 27.5 cm x 27.5 cm
Piece Count: 284
Difficulty: 3 out of 5

The air is abuzz with the flutter of wings and the tweet sounds of nature. Birds & Bees takes flight as a duo of spring season diptychs offered as a "mixer" of four mini puzzles in our small box format. 

The doubling of straight edges in similar tones will keep you guessing while whimsies and locks will focus on all things from a birds' and bees' eye view: flowers, honeycomb, beehives, bird houses & feeders. A great puzzle to tackle on your own, or with your closest puzzle-solving partner.  

Made in Calgary, Canada.