Puzzle - Badlands to the Bone



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Artist: Julie deBoer
Dimensions: 40cm x 33cm
Piece Count: 551

Julie is known for her use of bold color and sharp contrast in her prairie and foothills inspired art. It was her dynamic skies that drew me to her work and ultimately led to a local artist collaboration. After sharing a few HDR photos for inspiration Julie was able to meld the bold fluidity depicted in her cloud-filled skies, into the earth-bound landscapes seen in typical Alberta Badlands morphology. 

Beyond the creation of a stunning art piece, our goal was to provide a backdrop for a dinosaur-themed puzzle. The experience of solving a StumpCraft jigsaw puzzle is very much akin to that of a paleontologist. Enjoy sifting through the dinosaur bones and see how many species you can recognize and discover!

Made in Calgary, Canada.