Puzzle - 25-Year Journey



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Janet K. MacKay is a sculptor and painter working out of Worldview Studio and Gallery of Fine Art, located in Ottawa, Ontario. Her oil-on-canvas paintings are vibrant and distinctly Canadian, currently focussing on the dazzling reflections of boats on water — from canoes and kayaks to fishing vessels. Janet has participated in numerous solo and group shows and enjoys these opportunities to see, first hand, that spark of connection her art can make with its audience.

'25-Year Journey' was commissioned as a wedding anniversary gift: a beautiful reflection of their time together as a couple. The commemorative gift was given without fuss or fanfare, no party or evening out on the town to mark the occasion. The painting was hung on the wall while her husband was out walking the dog and surprised him with it upon his return. Sometimes, a simple unexpected gesture is all that love requires...

We recommend putting on your favourite sappy movie in the background while solving this puzzle. The movies that served as inspiration for the puzzle design include Big FishUP, and A River Runs Through It

Made in Calgary, Canada.