Memoirs of a Wildcat

Mary Tidlund


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Mary Tidlund was never able to blend in, so she embraced standing out. Labelled “unadoptable” because of the colour of her skin, the odds seemed stacked against her from the start. Memoirs of a Wildcat is the story of a woman’s search for identity and the solution to a genetic puzzle. Mary’s quest for an adventurous career led her to become the first black woman CEO in the energy industry, but when everything she thought she wanted in life came to a crashing halt, she had to look inside herself to figure out what to do next. From that struggle came the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation and Mary’s development work supporting women and children globally.

Memoirs of a Wildcat is about trusting your own courage, pushing beyond internalized stereotypes and making your way in the world, especially when it means taking a risk to achieve your heart’s desire.