Ask the Very Beasts

Marilyn Geddes


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ASK THE VERY BEASTS: Words of Wisdom & Comfort from Unexpected Sources, is an inspired collection of magical conversations, with animals—and also some unexpected sources—that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever loved a pet or marveled at the sighting of a wild creature.  As a trained intuitive practitioner, local author Marilyn Geddes accessed these remarkable messages through a process known as journeying.

  • From perspectives that are not typically available to us, ASK THE VERY BEASTS’ 37 unique offerings from non-human teachers speak to our deepest longings and most profound questions with clarity, grace, wisdom and humour. 
  • Through their insights, we are humbled and uplifted, for we cannot help but recognize that everything in our world has value, intelligence, and a capacity to inform us. 
  • ASK THE VERY BEASTS will change forever your understanding of your true place within the web of life.