Tanya Everard

Tanya Everard
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Tanya Everard is a home studio potter who works with porcelain clay.  She creates functional ceramics decorated with coloured underglaze slips and metallic lustres, and employs techniques such as slip-trailing, sgraffito, silk-screened underglaze slip transfers, sprigs, and, mishima inlay.  Her recent work is highly decorative, loosely ordered and symmetric, which can evoke the illusion of depth or dimension.  Tanya’s engineering background contributes to her meticulously-crafted, unique one-off works.  Her intention is to create pottery that can be enjoyed as a functional and beautiful objects.

Tanya is from Ancaster, Ontario, but more recently has lived in Vancouver, BC, and  Brisbane, Australia.  She currently lives in Calgary Alberta and is a member of the North Mount Pleasant Potter’s Guild. Tanya studied pottery at ACAD, Calgary in 2013, and is for the most part self-taught.


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