Artist Bio

Stacey has always loved art. Whether looking at it, or creating, she finds it a welcome escape and highly therapeutic. She is passionate about grey skies, moody colour palettes and figurative and portraiture works illustrating women and the emotions that accompany them.

Stacey’s medium and style have changed over the years.  Her work is now predominantly mixed media collage with a strong emphasis on the story behind the end result. Her work is a combination of acrylic paint and printed stock photography that has been changed in colour with oil pastels. The paper pieces are then adhered to the surfaces. 

Stacey leaves many imperfections that occur in the pieces she creates as she feels they symbolize the imperfections found in all humans. 

No one is perfect, and isn’t that a wonderful thing.

Original art tells a story, it becomes you; it creates conversations and evokes many emotions. Stacey hopes her work will do that for you.


Stacey Walyuchow (1975 Calgary, AB)

Inspired by experiences, memories, music and the many faces of women. My intention is to create stories and situations that break the passivity of the viewer by developing scenes that do not follow logical criteria. I want the viewer to feel a sense of wonder and a determination to figure out what each element represents. 

My work aims to provide a glimpse into those hidden places in our minds where we store the things we have yet to work through, things we believe we should forget, and those we long to remember.