As one of the youngest female Canadian sculptors working with welded public art, Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess continues to create surreal artworks that question the viewers’ notion on space and the human body. In the summer of 2017 her first public art sculpture was installed titled, "Caelum et Terra," which is located on the property of a post-secondary polytechnic school in Calgary, Alberta, known as SAIT where the sculpture sits in front of the Green Building Technologies' new office building on the northwest corner of the campus. Her second public sculpture is a work in progress which is to be unveiled in the town of Cochrane, AB in 2021. Ludwig-Burgess is able to work with clients to meet their needs where she continues to take on private commissions and is currently creating a new body of work. The figurative and organic sculptures she creates -reflect the experiences we endure in life that manipulate and mold our physical and mental states. Her studio practice is driven by the experimentation and bending of steel. The majority of Ludwig-Burgess’ art in her portfolio incorporates the use of scrap metal and recycled materials where she enjoys the process of repurposing these items to make environmentally conscious sculptures.


Artist Statement:

      “Ephemeral Romances” is an expression used to describe the emotional attachments we hold deep inside our vulnerable, fragmented bodies that inspire conscious recognition for the potential of self-acceptance and healing. Love and attachment are relevant to the human condition, to understanding the emotional self, and to how our relationships are ephemeral.

     In “Ephemeral Romances”, love and attachment are a dichotomy. Love expresses notions of joy, freedom and acceptance. Attachment symbolizes confinement, possessiveness and selfishness. Undesirable emotional attachment is formed around the unwillingness to accept fleeting realities for what they are, and instead of letting go, emotional blockages or frozen states of emotion are subconsciously stored in the physical body. The people we love, uncontrollable events, or innate experiences are not always ours to regulate or preserve. It is under these circumstances that our vulnerable self is confronted with choices to either expand or contract in our conscious emotional development, to choose between love or attachment.

​     Through this figurative sculptural series, I am interested in acknowledging our expanding and contracting consciousness towards the ephemeral. Identifying the fears so deeply rooted in these attachments that we feel an unhealthy obligation to hold onto them. Understanding our emotions and their roles allows us to cultivate the strength needed to cut ties or attachments to what does not serve us. The chains symbolize anchoring energy, while the organic forms reference the acts of self-love, healing, letting go and transforming. These sculptures represent the beginning process of cutting attachments and bringing the mind and body to a state of enlightenment through healing.​

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