Simon Wroot is a metal artist based in Calgary, Alberta. Originally trained in jewelry making, Simon now focuses his skills for fine craftsmanship into exploring his other passion; history. Growing up in Britain, Simon was surrounded by visual reminders of the thousands of years of the history of his homeland. Inspired by the relatively recent history of Canada, Simon creates images that celebrate our history. Re-creating the shape of a place, the feeling of it and telling it’s story is Simon’s creative challenge.

Working with photographs taken on site brings into the creative process what Simon saw and felt while in a place who’s history and beauty inspired him. He keeps that feeling alive as he traces, cuts, textures and assembles. Simon works with a limited palette of colour, pink copper, golden bronze, and silvery silver but also uses a patina to duplicate the aged colour of these metals which gives shadows and richness. Paint or glass enamel bring a dimension of depth or focus to select pieces.

Simon exhibits extensively throughout Alberta and is active in speaking, publishing and teaching through various provincial craft organizations.

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