Shane Hauser is an international award-winning Jade carver based out of High River, Alberta.

He has been studying and pursuing his passion in Jade carving since 2009 where he discovered the art form while travelling New Zealand. Since then, Shane has studied under world-renowned masters in British Columbia, California, and China where he has continued developing and refining his skills. He has become well known for producing a variety of forms in jade ranging from jewellery to sculptures, including eclectic carvings of fictional fantasy creatures which have led him to receive three silver medals in the Zi Gam Bei International Jade Exhibition in Suzhou, China for his unique creations.

As a journeyman welder by trade, he has meticulous attention to detail and a natural aptitude for working with his hands that transferred organically into the art of jade carving. The potential within jade to become any form the mind can conjure has provided Shane with a natural outlet to express his creativity that he has not found in any other medium.

NOTE: The pieces you see on this page and in our online store by this artist may not be available. Also, we may have more pieces in our gallery that don't show up online. Please contact us or come visit the gallery to see works by this artist that are currently available.