Shane Hauser

Shane Hauser
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Shane Hauser is a jewelry and sculpture artist working predominantly with nephrite jade, the world’s toughest natural stone.

A welder by trade, Shane’s interest in jade was sparked during a vacation to New Zealand in 2009.  Jade trinkets, carvings, and the cultural significance jade held to the local Maori all drove him to absorb as much jade-related knowledge as possible.

Living in Calgary Alberta, there was no one to teach Shane about or how to carve nephrite jade.  Trial and error was the only way to overcome this problem.  Shane realized that his learning potential was limited at home so he took the opportunity to expand his skills at the California School of Jade Carving, learning under the tutelage of some of the world’s master carvers.

Jade’s inherent toughness, and its ability to be carved into almost any form imaginable, continue to inspire Shane to carve unique works of art from jade

[NOTE: You will not find all of Shane's work in our online shop.  The photos below of examples are some of the work we have had in the gallery.  Please contact us for photos of current work which we can provide in real time!]