Where I go and what I do has been an integral part of my creative process.  My attraction to the outdoor world, whether climbing a mountain, or windsurfing on a prairie lake, prompted me to explore an expression that would convey some of these experiences that transcend everyday reality.

Textures are easily interrupted in clay, and I have used this aspect of the medium to play with and enhance distance, they also provide a very tactile element which makes the surface on which they are displayed come alive.  Glazes have a very unique quality in that they are essentially a glass forming substance.  This surface has a depth to it that reflects light and colour in a very rich and vibrant way.  It has always been a very satisfying and exciting process to unload the kiln and see the transformation from the very pastel flat surfaces to the vibrant colours and contrasts in the finished pieces.

I am very interested in form, which is represented by my extruded clay sculptures.  There has always been a zen-like quality to my work, the essence of a form that takes one outside the present, perhaps reflecting my long-history with high-alpine climbing.  My works are contemplative, meditative, and quiet, they present the idea of peace and tranquility, just like being on a mountain top.

All of my works are inscribed with the Chinese characters for either Peace or Happiness, it is my way of giving back to the world.

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