Mady Thiel-Kopstein was born in Montreal and grew up in the Laurentians helping her family run a resort hotel. The hotel was located at the end of a gravel road by a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. It was country life injected with interesting visitors from the city. Mady’s first career was flying in western and northern Canada and through out the western states. She and her husband (also a pilot) later went on to raise a family in Nova Scotia. During this time she went back to school and satisfied her science fascination with a degree in Biology. Drawing specimens during classes was always a favorite. She had a need to connect the science with the art. With a camera always slung over her shoulder, she tries to capture the feel of a place with first hand experience. Her photographs are a big influence in her art today and from this beginning the art takes on a life of its’ own. She is very interested in the interaction of colour and emotion. Why does one combination of colours evoke a stronger reaction than another?