GLIMMER is a vivid exploration of light, plants, and nature in meticulously detailed watercolour. L.C. Cariou’s paintings illuminates natural places to wander and sights of wonder, sparking biophilia, a kinship for the resplendent natural world.


Glimmering highlights, rich contrasts, and vibrant colours allow me to capture the playfulness of nature. A world where every detail is interesting. The spectacular conservatories at Kew Gardens, plant portraits, and landscapes inspire me to pick up a tiny paintbrush and watercolour to capture every detail.

If you look closely in my paintings you will find a tiny toy car on a bench, a bee with full pollen baskets, the light fuzz on buds and leaves. The sense of the humid air in a conservatory; the waxy or dry textures of plants; and flowers at every stage of life. These are the details that drive me to paint.

I attended Concordia University (Montréal) and the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts), graduating with distinction in 2019. My work has been exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 209th Annual Exhibition and Winners: Award Winning Artists 2020- 2022 (London, UK), and I was the recipient of the 2021 Leatherseller’s Prize for best artist under 30, from The Worshipful Company of Leathersellers. My work has been long listed for the Jackson’s Painting Prize, and my paintings have been published in a best-selling guidebook - The Scenic Geology of Alberta and an alphabet garden book of prose.