Lorraine Whellams was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba and spent 20 years there before moving to Alberta.  Lorraine was educated at the University of Calgary, where she obtained a degree in Education.  For many years she was a dance teacher but a back injury forced her to find a new outlet for her creativity.  She has attended art classes at Mount Royal College, the University of Calgary, and Red Deer College. 

Lorraine’s art has always been inspired by her fascination with people and an interest in the human figure.  She also finds inspiration in the outdoors and spends as much time painting "en plein air" as possible.  The enjoyment of painting outdoors is compounded by the camaraderie shared with fellow artists each attempting to capture the immenseness of the Rocky Mountains or the quiet solitude of the prairies.  The bold use of colour and texture play key roles in Lorraine’s work as does the use of interesting shapes and negative space.  Primary colours and the use of complementary colours wake up the senses and thusly are found in many of her paintings.

To hear Lorraine talk about her work, watch this video!