Linda Catt

Linda Catt
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Linda Catt began designing and creating jewelry in 2006.  Her inspiration for designs come from the patterns and colour combinations she finds in nature.  Each high quality piece is one-of-a-kind using semi-precious gemstones from all over the world via the Internet or from Linda’s travels.

Linda lives in Turner Valley, AB.

[NOTE: You will not find all of Linda's work in our online shop.  The photos below of examples of some of the work we have had in the gallery.  Please contact us for photos of current work which we can provide in real time!] 


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NOTE: The pieces you see on this page and in our online store by this artist may not be available. Also, we may have more pieces in our gallery that don't show up online. Please contact us or come visit the gallery to see works by this artist that are currently available.