Artist’s Statement

minimalist seriality

I began to paint this ongoing series in March 2020, during the time of the

Covid-19 pandemic and the mandate of physical isolation.

'Listening' to the harmonies of colors, the music of repeating patterns, and

following the variations on a theme were all ways that helped me to stay

present in the moment, while also feeling the fears, griefs and sorrows of

mine and our fellow humans.

As ever, painting what is in my heart is one way I know how to share JOY.

This series continues to surprise me with endless inspirations.

For me, welcoming joy and grief together is attuning to the great love that

holds us, expressing in all moments. This is what I’m working to convey

through color on canvas.


Artist Bio

Always curious and learning, mostly self-taught, Karen has been carrying

around art supplies most of her life, and playing with colour is what pleases

her the most. She considers Calgary home, and has had significant

chapters of her life elsewhere. She draws inspiration from paying attention

to the present moment, and always finds something beautiful to attend to,

even in the midst of sorrows. She has been creating art that has been sold

since the 90s, and her art lives in collections around the world.

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