Artist’s Statement


Practice Pieces

Playful, nonrepresentational, pops of colors and pattern, these pieces are intended to bring feelings and responses into the viewer’s awareness. Without an object, the viewer makes their own meaning, and can explore their own ideas in what they see. Each of these pieces can be viewed in four different ways – any side up – and the viewer can rotate them as they please. They have been named and signed on their back in an ambiguous way so as to not influence the viewer with a particular orientation. The names of these pieces are qualities of being, so that one might be invited to reflect on ‘practicing’ while also simply being with the piece.

A note on the process. Starting out with works on paper and mounting them to cradled panels allowed me to crop and “frame” the pieces which is a very interactive and intuitive process. The marriage of paper and wood, leaving the edges unpainted but protected with a wax finish, is very intentional as it gives the astute viewer the awareness that these are works on paper, presented in a somewhat uncommon manner. The works on paper present a delicacy and transparency, and seeing the cradled panel sides presents a more durable and solid feeling. The cold wax finish over the paper as well as the sides of wood makes the piece have a much longer life than an ordinary work on paper might expect without being under glass. This buffed wax finish gives the paintings and the wood sides a warm glow and lustre as well.


Artist Bio

She’s been dreaming of colors since before she was born. Mostly self taught, driven by a need to create and express her love of color, Karen has been carrying around art supplies most of her life. She paints in watercolors, monoprints, and oils. She draws inspiration from paying attention and listening in the present moment, and always finds something beautiful to attend to, even in the midst of sorrows. Calgary is her primary home, but sometimes she is at her home and studio in Portland, Oregon. She was owner and founder of Bluerock Gallery from 2010 through 2018.