Heide creates hand felted, eco-friendly garments from carefully chosen plant and animal fibres harvested with minimum environmental impact, whenever possible from local and organic farms.  Each piece is designed to drape in different ways, sometimes altering the contours of the body.  They can be worn inside out, back to front, upside down or in a variety of folds.  They are strong, washable, and beautiful for women of any age and shape.

Heide is inspired by experiencing the vastness, silence and beauty of the Canadian Rockies, foothills and prairies.  Using her camera to capture those moments whose beauty steals her breath, Heide turns the images into forever lasting pieces that can be worn close to the heart.


Note: The pieces you see on this page and in our online store by this artist may not be available. Also, we may have more pieces in our gallery that don't show up online. Please contact us or come visit the gallery to see works by this artist that are currently available.