Emily Stone is a ceramic artist who was born and raised in Red Deer, AB, Canada and has been residing in Calgary since 2013. Stone’s first introduction into the ceramic world was during her time in high school but it became a mainstay in her life while she attended the Fine Art Program at Red Deer College some years later. In 2013 Stone attended the Alberta College of Art and Design where she furthered her ceramic studies and graduated from the program in 2016 and ever since then she has slowly been building her own little home studio and practice.

Since graduating Stone has worked towards developing her own distinctive style and has dabbled in different clay and glazes in the attempt to find a signature that suits her. Stone’s body of work focuses on functional pottery for day-today use and currently her work features natural imagery such as plants as well as different types of foliage. While most of Stone’s work is mainly wheel thrown, she also alters the forms by either adding or removing material to further develop the shape and to create something new. Being a lover of painting and drawing, Stone applies those skills into her work to relay her designs making each piece uniquely different. She is interested in the idea that material objects hold personal significance and weight to them. Objects hold onto information and stories that are unknown to most but for some can hold a place in your heart. It is with those considerations that Stone makes her work, as it brings joy to herself as well others who get to experience it for themselves.