Darlene Swan

Darlene Swan
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Darlene Swan was born, raised and educated in Calgary and aside from a two-year period of living in Germany, she has spent most of her time in this community.  She received a Bachelor of Physical Education and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Calgary.

Now in retirement from teaching school she has become an active member in the Calgary arts community, where she works in collaborative settings with other artists, especially clay artists.  She works in her own studio and is presently on the board of the Alberta Potter’s Association.

Darlene has been creating pottery for more than 30 years and her high level of skill has been acknowledged by the Alberta Foundations for the Arts, which recently added one of her pieces to its permanent collection.

[NOTE: You will not find all of this artist's work in our online shop.  The photos below of examples are some of the work we have had in the gallery.  Please contact us for photos of current work which we can provide in real time!]