Crys Harse finds inspiration in the shapes and textures around her; a field of grain, a wooded slope, a pile of junk in the scrap metal yard, or squashed cars on a flatbed truck.  Her fascination with texture has led to experimentation with changing the nature of the metal before making a vessel. Influenced by weaving and basketry, her work interlaces one discipline and another, blending textile techniques and the properties of metal to create the unexpected.

As a metal-smith Crys is drawn to industrial debris.  Utilizing salvaged copper and exotic scrap, she specializes in creating unique sculptures and vessels, incorporating riveted and woven surfaces with etchings and hammer marks to reflect the work-worn origin of the materials.  Crys’s art invokes the unexpected re-birth of cast-off materials into useful vessels reflecting the necessary interweave of nature and industry.

NOTE: You will not find all of Crys' work in our online shop.  The photos below of examples are some of the work we have had in the gallery.  Please contact us for photos of current work which we can provide in real-time!