As a self-taught potter, I've embarked on a lifelong journey through clay, creating art that emerges 'Out of the Fire.'  With a spirit of innovation and a passion for merging functional pottery with sculptural pieces, I blur the lines between art and utility.

The heart of my work lies in the vibrant colours of the Canadian landscape. My glazes reflect the colours of mountains and the prairies. The work carries a hint of the past and a glimpse into the future, creating a bridge between functionality and artistic expression. I strive to capture the essence of nature in every piece, from the gentle curve of a vessel to the earthy tones of my glazes.

As I look back on decades of creating, I eagerly anticipate the years ahead. My work will continue to echo the spirit and colours of the Canadian landscape.  Out of the Fire Studio isn't just a place where I create pottery; it's a space where my love for the craft continues to evolve, influenced by the rich hues of the natural world that have surrounded me throughout my journey. 

I live in Southern Alberta with my husband Jim, my pots, and our 2 dogs, Pepper and Dyson.