Cherry Deacon’s creative endeavors have come together to form her unique vision and aesthetic.  Several years of having her own fine craft gallery in Calgary and later her job as the manager of the Glenbow Museum Shop contributed to Cherry’s art knowledge and creativity.

Educated as a painter, Cherry graduated with a B.F.A from the University of Calgary. After graduating the artist continued her education at ACAD taking courses in metalsmithing. It was then designing and making jewelry became Cherry’s passion. 

Cherry’s jewelry designs have the feeling of being light and airy. Other pieces might feel a bit more dynamic. The artist is inspired by the delicate qualities of nature with all its beautiful imperfections. It might be a torn leaf, a bud or a simple pebble by the river. The artist’s pieces are characterized by her use of textures, the marriage of metals (bronze, sterling silver), and mini collages. Each piece is unique and hand-crafted using goldsmith techniques. A labour of love.

Cherry works full-time in her studio in Calgary.