My appreciation of art and my passion for the creative process have been enjoyable constancies throughout my life. Even as a young girl growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I enjoyed expressing my love of colour and form on paper and canvas. As a natural consequence of my devotion to art, I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Manitoba in 1987. I also received a diploma in Advertising Art from the Red River College in 1991. Thereafter, I moved to Calgary and embarked on a career in graphic design.

While my professional pursuits have flourished, my affinity for fine art has never waned. In 2014 I decided to move from my graphic design career to painting full time. Since then I have created a portfolio of work that I am excited to display and show. For me, the process of creating a work is as important as the finished piece. Painting is a sentient experience and when I immerse myself in a canvas I allow all my senses to express themselves. As such, my paintings have a certain whimsical style that seek to captivate the senses of the viewer. It is my intention to convey beauty in a multi-sensory fashion. My paintings are acrylic and oil on canvas and are created with the intention to convey a complete visual, emotional, and tactile experience for the viewer. When I’m exploring abstract, impressionism in large canvases or small, my foremost consideration is the colourful expression of the beauty I perceive in my subjects.