Blanca Botero-Fuentes

Blanca Botero-Fuentes
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I live and have a studio in the lovely foothills of the Rockies, near the village of Longview, Alberta, Canada. Born in Pamplona, Spain and educated in Canada, I am firm believer in lifelong learning.  My art teachers have been the masters such as Velazquez at El Prado, Rothko at the Guggenheim, Riopelle, Carr and Botero at the Glenbow, as well as all my fellow artists working today.  I learn from all of them.  In addition I have taken numerous workshops with well-known contemporary artists and teachers such as Baspaly, Brommer, Bagby and Burridge among many others.  I treasure my art library which I consider invaluable in my development as an artist.

Although mathematics and physics are in the realm of the foreign to me, I am fascinated by the worlds that science is bringing to our attention.  It seems to my unscientific mind that there is much to connect science and art in that, the first seeks to discover the nature of reality and the second gives voice to our understanding of the reality.  This series represents a foray into the mysterious world of science from the point of view of the artist.

This series of paintings has been inspired by some of my favorite poems. The images and dialogue address the poet, the subject of the poem, or both.

Poetry is a goldmine of imagery and themes close to the heart of very human being, and it is in this spirit that I approach this series. Having no formal artistic or literary background, I have dared , happily I may add, to mine these poems for both imagery and my own witten replies, and to establish a three-way dialogue with the poets. I have just followed my heart and interpreted the poems in my own way. Poetry is not written for a few but for everyone, and we are all free to take what we may from this art from.

These paintings take advantage of the realm between realism and abstraction, which allow the painter greater freedom of expression, and the viewer more opportunity for participation.

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