As an artist, Barb is most inspired by subjects that are close and meaningful to her. Whether that be a beautiful Alberta landscape or fruits, flowers and dishes in her own kitchen, a counter-scape.  Painting is the way she is able to capture these moments in time, impart them with her feelings and perspective and to express her creativity.  The hope is that the resulting images will also resound with the viewer. 

For Barb it is always a thrill to convert a flat white surface into an image with depth, form, mood and light using only colour.  She loves to be a part of a process that converts that empty space into a small story.  This transformation by the artist is a source of amazement for her, both in the course of her own painting and in the appreciation of the works of others.

 Barb has been painting for many years, taking lessons and workshops in many studios and at Alberta College of Art and Design but has just recently devoted herself full time to the pursuit of making art.