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Holiday PopUp Markets at Bluerock Gallery | 45+ artists over 14 days/6 weekends

We are very excited to offer you the opportunity to meet some of our Bluerock Gallery Artists and get to know them through seeing more of their range of works... and also welcoming some Guest Artists too!  

Check back often to see the artists names as we confirm dates.  This calendar will be refreshed often!  Also - please note - weather and other life factors may be a factor for some artists - so don't hesitate to call us 403-933-5047 to confirm who is coming closer to the dates listed!

[We are just starting to populate the calendar with confirmed artists - and there will be 5 or 6 artists most every day that is listed here.]  


@Bluerock Gallery

All dates and artists subject to change for many reasons - weather, life, etc…


Thu Nov 10

Milt Fischbein  jewelry

Shona Rae  jewelry


Fri Nov 11

Milt Fischbein jewelry

Roxana Najar jewelry

Shona Rae jewelry


Sat Nov 12

Darrell Ward paintings

Kathleen McCallum paintings

Louise Brud pottery

Roxana Najar jewelry


Sun Nov 13

Irene Rasetti wearable art

Roxana Najar jewelry

Susan Kristoferson paper arts


Sat Nov 19

Alice Helwig paintings

Bobbi Dunlop paintings

Dirk van Wyk & Chris Jensen “Art Talks Back”

[Mynthia McDaniel pottery Show Opening 4-6]

Roxana Najar jewelry


Sun Nov 20

Anna Carnell mosaics

Darlene Swan pottery

Erika Schulz paintings

Jake Peters jewelry and ukeleles

Roxana Najar jewelry

Soma Mo jewelry


Sat Nov 26

Anne Fetterly wearable art

Dana Roman wearable art

Greg Martodam furniture

Jennifer Mack wearable art

Leah Kudel glass

Roxana Najar jewelry

Siri McCormick wearable art


Sun Nov 27

Anne Fetterly wearable art

John Smith-Jones metal art

Katie Borrowman pottery

Roxana Najar jewelry

Simon Wroot metal art


Sat Dec 3

Dawn Candy pottery

Jackie Blight paintings

James Greisinger handforged steel

Jim Osenton woodturning demo and ornaments

Roxana Najar jewelry

Shelagh Blatz jewelry

Susan Raby-Dunne book launch 2-7pm

“John McCrae: Beyond Flanders Fields”


Sun Dec 4

Blanca Botero-Fuentes paintings

Dena Seiferling felted critters

Elizabeth Ellis-Bassett wearable art

Heide Tieleman wearable art

Roxana Najar jewelry

Sandra Beingessner  Bliss Beads - lampwork glass bead jewelry

Sean Kunz pottery


Sat Dec 10

Jennifer Mack wearable art

Linda Catt jewelry

Roxana Najar jewelry

Sandra Epp original home decor

Sheila Fendall jewelry


Sun Dec 11

Ellinor Stenroos jewelry

Linda Catt jewelry

Louise Brud pottery

Roxana Najar jewelry

Susan Kristoferson paper arts


Sat Dec 17

Deb Turner  jewelry

Jennifer Mack wearable art 

Leah Kudel glass

Roxana Najar jewelry

Susan Kristoferson paper arts

Book signing from 1-3pm Stop Making Art and Die - Rich Theroux and Jess Szabo


Sun Dec 18

Berri-Lynn Levert wood cutting boards and more

Roxana Najar jewelry

Shona Rae jewelry

Book signing from 1 - 3pm . Colouring it Forward: Discover Blackfoot Nation Art and Wisdom: An Aboriginal Art Colouring Book - Diana Frost & Kalum Teke Dan

Thank you for your support

of local artists and our gallery!


Open 10 - 6 every day through the holidays

and until 9pm on Thursdays

    November 02, 2016