Jeff deBoer and Armét | Saturday/Sunday Nov 24/25

Calgary artist Jeff de Boer returns to the gallery with his new concept jewelry - Armét!

Saturday and Sunday, November 24 and 25, from 10 - 6pm

Make your own designs - with infinite possibilities, including kinetic elements - and then watch as Jeff finishes them beautifully in a few minutes for you to take home and treasure for a lifetime!

Just come to the gallery, choose your own components, and make your own pendant. The costs for pendants range from $30 for the most simple to $200 or more for complex pieces. The price depends solely on the number of components. Prices start at $30 (for simple and uncomplicated pieces) and can go up to $200 or more if you choose a lot of components! 

This is an amazing process, very personal, and huge fun to do with friends!  


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