Design your own Armét pendant with Jeff de Boer, Saturday, June 23, 2018

Join us as we welcome and host Calgary artist Jeff de Boer in the gallery with his new concept jewelry - Armét!

Saturday, June 23, from 10 - 6pm

Make your own designs - with infinite possibilities, including kinetic elements - and then watch as Jeff finishes them beautifully in a few minutes for you to take home and treasure for a lifetime! Just come to the gallery on that day, and we will manage the line up with a sign-in sheet for those who want to make their own pendant. The costs for pendants range from $30 for the most simple to $200 or more for complex pieces. The price depends solely on the number of components. The ones you see in the image range from $130 to $180. 

This is an amazing process, very personal, and huge fun to do with friends!  We were invited to Jeff's studio to experience the process, and look what we made!

l-r Desta Davies, Karen Gimbel, Annika Clennan, Shelly Faulkner 

"Over the past thirty years I have developed an international reputation for producing some of the world’s most unique and finely crafted sculpture in the world. This ranges from the very small, such as my suits of armor for cats and mice, to the very large, such as public sculptures. One good thing is that the value of my work has consistently risen. The bad thing is that increasingly, fewer and fewer people can afford what I do.
It has been a dream of mine all these years to create something for everyone that would be a fusion of my artistic ideas and high-quality design that could be mass produced, and yet personal.
Over the past five years I have been developing a line of kinetic art jewellery that is passionate, personal, and accessible. I am so happy to finally have something that represents my artistic vision and quality while at the same time can be at a price for everyone. Art for the masses. I hope that you will join me on this journey as we create meaningful objects for you that will redefine the possibilities of personalized manufactured jewellery."
-Jeff de Boer

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