Blue Sky and Poesy: Karen Christensen's new works

Don't we love celebrating Alberta's big skies!  And some of us never tire of the many expressions in landscape art! Here are Karen Christensen's thoughts on this new series we've welcomed into the gallery for start of June! (Visit the gallery to see them in our featured "nook" - or visit our website and peruse them online!)

Touching on Large and Small

How far can you look into the sky, how deep can you look into a flower bud?

The enormity of the vaulted blue Father Sky presses down against the enormity of Mother Earth complexities, the resulting effect upon all that is small by that so large reveals the order of Nature.

Some visions are so small you need to fold yourself down onto your elbows to see them, others so large and powerful you fall back in awe.  And you realize that, no matter how much you think you can absorb of the Micro and the Macro, there is an infinite amount of matter that is different and strange and that you can never know all these things.  You realize that Nature supports you in ways that you can never reciprocate, that Clouds cause you to question many things, and you find a profound love and respect for that which can show you the unfathomable depths of the Universe or an Ocean.

The expanding bloom of cumulus clouds call out to the white Dahlias in the garden to blow wide and deep. 

Particular qualities of paper and watercolour paint convey the moving light over a dynamic view of endless fields and the Clouds that hang above it. On the other hand, canvas and thick paint lays a firmer grasp on a flower petal, a patch of grass, a distant reoccurring dream.

These are the themes behind my paintings, to keep exploring materials to speak to the world with, to stretch and contract….


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