A Passion For Clay: An Exhibition of Exceptional Alberta Ceramics

A Passion For Clay: An Exhibition of Exceptional Alberta Ceramics

July 15, 2020

Bluerock Gallery loves ceramics, and has a long history of representing some of Alberta’s most talented ceramic artists!  This open-themed exhibit will showcase the wide variety of interests and complexity of ceramic techniques, employed by our artists, as well as those of a few emerging artists.  With almost 20 participants, there will be much to enjoy!  We invite you to join us in person at our gallery or visit our website, to view and shop a diverse range of high quality Alberta ceramics!  

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 26 from 4-7pm.  

Free & open to the public. Masks are mandatory for this event.

Please note: in alignment with our current Covid-19 protocols, we will be limiting the number of visitors into the gallery. If you have to wait for a few minutes, we thank you in advance for your patience.

If you'd like to visit the exhibit pieces online, you can see them here:


Participating Artists:

Gallery Artists

Mindy Andrews

David Barnes

Katie Borrowman

Louise Brud

Dawn Detarando

Katy Drijber

Tanya Everard

Brian McArthur

Lisa McGrath

Neil Liske

Juliana Rempel

Evonne Smulders

Darlene Swan

Annette ten Cate 

Guest Artists (Emerging):

Lael Chmelyk

Mel Doiron

Ella Valge-Saar

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